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Patient Testimonials

It is important to understand that many people have been helped by Chiropractic, but we need to keep in mind that it is actually your own body that does the healing. It doesn’t matter if it is pain, headaches, muscle spasms, or diseases like diabetes. The Chiropractor removes the Subluxation (nerve interference) and the Innate ability to heal takes over the rest. Here are a few patient testimonials from different patients that have come in the office for help.

C. Eldred:

Dr. Hyack changed my life! I have had pain in my lower back for seven years. I had visited two different Chiropractors and one physical therapist in those seven years before I discovered Dr. Hyack. The Chiropractors before Dr. Hyack had me visit them three times per week over six month periods during those seven years. The pain would temporarily disappear at times, but always seemed to come back. Then I was referred to Dr. Hyack. My pain disappeared after my first visit with him! Dr. Hyack was able to accomplish the positive results in one visit that the other Chiropractors were never able to achieve after several visits.
Dr. Hyack’s techniques not only concentrated on the affected area, but also areas in my upper back that were causing problems to my lower back. He took the time to perform special procedures with advanced equipment to determine trouble spots in my ENTIRE spine rather than only the area of pain. He is a true scholar of the world renowned Gonstead system. This system had never been mentioned to me until I met Dr. Hyack. Very few Chiropractors study this procedure because it is difficult to learn and is very time consuming.
My entire life has changed after just a few visits with Dr. Hyack. Not only is the pain gone, but I have a healthier attitude and outlook on life. I sleep better at night, and am generally a happier person.
I highly recommend Dr. Hyack’s services to other people. He is very passionate about improving the health of his patient’s spine and nervous system. He takes the time to explain the problems in one’s spine and thoroughly describes his procedures moving forward for correction of these issues. I could not ask for better results.

E. Garcia:

Before I started to see Dr. Hyack, I could not sit for more than fifteen minutes. I would get pain in my bottom that hurt a lot. I felt my hips were out of alignment. I also had another major concern that I didn’t think chiropractic would help, my menstrual cycle has been absent since 2007.
I had met several different doctors regarding my lack of a menstrual cycle, and all they did was provide me with several prescription drugs that did not help. When I fell at work, I started to get the pain in my rear end and my boss referred me to Dr. Hyack.
After 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Hyack, I finally got my menstrual cycle! I couldn’t believe it because it had been 2 years, and now I get my period every month. My pain is almost gone, and I feel 90% better. I can sit now, and I have started to exercise again. I feel like a new person and I would definitely refer Dr. Jeff to anyone and everyone who is feeling pain. I also would refer anyone who wants to heal in a natural way without pills or medication.

J Johnson:

For five years I suffered from excruciating back pain. Even simple tasks like putting on my shoes or getting out of bed in the morning took twenty to thirty minutes to complete and I often required help to do it. I would dread those moments. Being in my early twenties and not being able to move comfortably was overwhelmingly depressing.
After countless trips to the emergency room, Chiropractors, masseuses, acupuncturists, neurologists, and even a MRI, I was left with the pain and no answers. I was referred to Innate & Hyack and went because I had nothing left to lose. Within the first few weeks of adjustments I was feeling more flexible and getting out of bed was no longer a horrible experience. After a short period, I was able to jump, run, and move freely without any pain. This was something I had thought I would never experience again. It has changed my life. I feel like a normal person again.

J Andrew:

I have suffered from chronic pain and fibromyalgia since a fall 15 years ago. The trauma that my body underwent has caused a laundry list of health problems. I saw a physical therapist who was able to restore the natural balance of my body and reduce my daily pain symptoms. After a year of treatment, I had reached a plateau.
After seeing Dr. Hyack, I felt confident that my pain would diminish even more, and it has. Dr. Hyack is precise in his adjustments, therefore not inflicting more pain or movements to the body that are unnecessary. I appreciate Dr. Hyack’s knowledge and commitment to helping the body heal itself. I continue to experience less frequent painful days. I’d recommend anyone who has chronic pain due to an injury and who has not received relief from other clinics or treatments to visit Innate & Hyack Family Chiropractic.

A. Kelley:

A friend of mine recommended me to come in to get checked out. I didn’t have any complaints, but she said that it would make me healthier. I was a bit skeptical, but thought I would give it a try anyway. My body felt a little bit more flexible, but the big change was that I got pregnant!
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year and we had tried all sorts of fertility drugs. None of those helped, and we stopped them. The only thing I changed was going to see Dr. Jeff! He told me that the nerve interference was causing a communication breakdown and after it was fixed, my body did the rest. Life changing!

D. Horstman:

When I first came to Dr. Hyack, I could not move my head from side to side, and I had trouble walking. Due to Dr. Hyack’s precise pushing and attention to my pain, I can move around a lot better. I’d recommend anyone to at least be checked out for a pinched nerve. Anyone that suffers from neck, back, or any pain, should see Dr. Hyack as soon as possible.

W. Brandt:

I have balance issues, and knots in my back. I have tried other chiropractors with no help, but you have helped me a lot. I have had a double back fusion and after getting adjusted by you, my balance is better and the knots have been reduced too.

M. A. Dalbey:

I came to Dr. Hyack’s office through my fifty year old son’s recommendation. He had received relief from tingling in his arms and hands through treatments with Dr. Hyack. I am an eighty one year old woman who has had back aches for several years. I have a curvature of the spine. Recently the pain in my back and neck had become constant, day and night. I could hardly get in or out of bed without pain. I use a walker because it gives me support and balance, but at that time could not walk without it. My life was so difficult.
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