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Subluxations are misalignments of the vertebrae or bones of the spine. Chiropractic works by finding these misalignments and correcting them. With subluxations, not only are the vertebrae misaligned, but more importantly the spinal joints are stuck. That is, they do not move properly and cause nerve interference. This condition leads to inflammation, muscle spasm and irritation of the sensitive nerve tissue exiting the spinal cord and passing through the vertebrae.

Chiropractic removes these subluxations by utilizing a technique called a chiropractic adjustment. This procedure is performed by a gentle thrust on the spine at the area of the subluxation. This thrust opens up the joint, restoring movement to the area.

The adjustment is characterized by a "popping" sound (called a cavitation) that many people mistake for the "cracking" of bones. The popping sound is created by gas (nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide) released from the joint as it is opened, very much like the sound made when removing the top from a champagne bottle.

This procedure is usually painless, although some people report minor discomfort, particularly when muscle spasms are intense. Nearly all patients report that the joint feels looser and more stable.

The most important concept to take away from subluxations and how they affect your body is that they disrupt your health. Not all subluxations are painful, but they all affect the nerves. Fully functional nerves are needed to keep our bodies working the way they are supposed to. Without proper instructions from the nervous system, our bodies and organs will develop problems and disease. Chiropractors are the only ones able to remove subluxations and restore health.

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