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Safety of Chiropractic


In the words of a New Zealand government study, “Chiropractic is remarkably safe.” The risks associated with taking a shower are considerably higher than anything we do in our office.

Baseless Concern

Critics, skeptics and those who misunderstand chiropractic often use safety as a way to discourage people from considering chiropractic. Usually it concerns adjustments to the neck. These concerns are baseless.

Chiropractic Wannabes

There just aren’t a lot of recorded instances of chiropractors producing adverse reactions from neck adjustments. When there is a rare newsworthy event, it’s often been at the hands of other practitioners who have taken a weekend course or lack the training and years of education that today's chiropractors receive.

What’s Safe?

Virtually everything has risks associated with it. For example: Statistically, taking an over-the-counter pain reliever is considerably more dangerous than chiropractic care. As is driving your car, taking a shower (slip and fall) or eating at a new restaurant (food poisoning). Relax, knowing these everyday occurrences are much riskier than receiving chiropractic care in our office!

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